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[DotGNU]Questions about pnet C

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]Questions about pnet C
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 19:01:50 +0200


I have some questions about the possibilities of pnet C:

1) Can all existing C code not depending on other libraries than the standard C
baselib be compiled?

2) How can pnet C code call other pnet C code that is not being compiled (libs)?

3) Can pnet C code call non-pnet C code (aka P/Invoking)? 


4) Can all exising C code be compiled by P/Invoking the libraries or by
compiling the libraries into IL? For example: can I compile GLib and GTK+ to IL
with pnet C?


5) How can C# code call library functions programmed in pnet C? Example: say I
have compiled all of GNOME to IL and want to use some of the functionality in
the GNOME libs.

6) Can pnet C code call non-pnet C code without using the pesky __INVOKE__
convention. Perhaps by using a GTK like method call (system_console_writeline
(char * string))? This is very important for webservices in C since they
otherwise can't access methods in a class (and all C# methods are in a class)
and thus miss out on a lot of functionality.


7) Can you pass a String object to a method expecting a char *?

8) Can you pass a char[] object to a method expecting a char *?


If pnet C is flexible enough it may just beat C# in the race for the best
webservices language. Also being able to compile C means that we can compile
just about any app to IL (except maybe some C and C++ compilers and the Linux
kernel (then again why would you want to compile Linux to IL :-)).



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