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From: JonesJR
Subject: [DotGNU]GUI
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 22:24:08 +0200

Oke, maybe I'm completly wrong but if I didn't propose this I would never
know if I was so here it is.

Let's say I build a application in C#, there is a GUI, why not. So I have
written hunderds of lines off GUI code, then I want to use this program on a
platform like Linux, what happens then, does the GUI work completly the same
or do I need to make some adjustments ??

If there are adjustments needed (I've written al this code based on the
System.Windows.Forms classes) then what are we doing here. This is completly
wrong based on my vision in programming in DotGnu. If I write an application
with a GUI then I want this application to work on every platform supported
by DotGnu and off course on Window$ (I know window$ isn't the platform to
find secure and stable programs, you don't have to tell me this, believe me,
I program Foxpro 7.6 hours a day).

If this isn't the case know than we have to build an OS or build on an
existing OS a completly Net based OS, this means no Gnome, no KDE, no
existing fully runing GUI but a GUI based on (maybe an existing window
manager, or new one) Net classes. And since most programmers work on the
Window$ window manager, it should work this way.
What I mean to say here is, that Net like Micro$oft meant it was a great
idea, completly platform independed, but what did they to again, make it
only for Window$ with a GUI for Window$. So let's get working and build that
completly new system. I have had it with all this switching between
languages and platforms. Oke unix is nice (signals, forking, threading,
writting to dev/dsp to play sound and so on) all nice features but how many
programmers are working for years on other platforms with other
methodologies. If we build the one and only standard then this will belong
to the past forever. This standard should be based on the window$ standard
and not on a unix standard, why ?? you say, well because it is known by
everyone, the users love it, programmers know it. Believe me if I say that
no regular PC user is able to work with linux, it is like that, I have been
working with regular users for more than 6 years, some don't even know how
to connect a keyboard, so how can they ever build a new program with
configure, make and make install, it is unthinkable that I would ever get
that explained to a regular user. And then I haven't even talked about
installing a new soundcard (hello, new user, you need to rebuild the
kernel!!!. Believe me, call 911, that person isn't going to survive.)

So if your still with me, and you get the plan let me know something, I'm
willing to do some effort to get this rolling. I've written some embedded C
and have a real good knowledge of Window$ core working.

  Wim De Cleen.
  Technical Analyst/Programmer

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