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[DotGNU](pnet & pnetlib) info

From: Ritchard Nash
Subject: [DotGNU](pnet & pnetlib) info
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 15:17:10 +0200
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Hi all ,

this is my first post to the ML. I read the list from june and i as time pass i feel more interested
in portable.NET.
I'm learning C# and .NET framework and have a "decent" knowledge of Java , C++ and C. I've at home a lan with a (win2k + dotnet SDK + cygwin) box and a (redhat 7.2 | gentoo 1.2) box so i'd like to compile pnetlib with mstools and contribute to it's development. I'd like to figure out how to contribute and what the current status of pnet/pnetlib.
In the specific:
1) What is the pnet compiler status? When do you plan compiler can do a real compile? What parts forms the pnet package? 2) What is the status of pnetlib ? for pnetlib when i compile with pnet it says that can't do a real compilation ; when i use mstools it give me a **lot** of errors and exits. So i need some help to understand how to contribute to pnetlib without being able to compile the library.


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