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[DotGNU]Re: [Mono-list] Hey Everaldo, have you seen this?

From: Adam Treat
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: [Mono-list] Hey Everaldo, have you seen this?
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 10:58:00 -0400
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On Friday 20 September 2002 10:51 am, Everaldo Canuto wrote:
> >I just thought you should know that Rhys is working on wrapping XLib too.
> >Probably would make a lot of sense helping with this instead of
> > duplicating it.  Just though i'd let you know,
> Adam, Thanks for this notice.
> I have a questions about Xsharp:
> - Your source compile with Mono? If dont compile, I can make alterations
> in the code source without problems of  licence?
> - What it is better,  rewrite or use XSharp?

From a quick look at the source the license is LGPL so there should be no 
problems there.  If I were you I'd ask Rhys about helping him develop it 
rather than continue along separate tracks.  Not sure if it will compile with 
Mono, but my guess is yes.  Right now the build requires P.Net's csnant to 
compile, but I'm sure you could come up with some alternative makefiles 
without to much work.

> Everaldo Canuto
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