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Mandrake RPMs (was Re: [DotGNU]RPMS for pnet 0.4.8 , pnetlib and treecc)

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Mandrake RPMs (was Re: [DotGNU]RPMS for pnet 0.4.8 , pnetlib and treecc)
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 16:50:55 -0600
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Gopal V wrote:
Hi All,
        Get them from

pnet-interpreter -- ilrun (clrwrap seemed unecessary ?)
pnet-compiler  -- cscc , ilasm, ilalink and language plugins
pnet-tools -- all the nit-picking tools for messing with IL
treecc -- treecc compiler compiler
pnetlib -- fresh compiled pnetlib .dlls

Please note that Gopal's RPMs are for Red Hat 7.2.

I've built Mandrake 9.0 RPMs, using GCC 3.2.1 (which *shouldn't* break anything), and posted them at <>

Stephen Compall
Also known as S11001001
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If you have a distant goal, there are two ways to reach it. One of
them is to have alot of money. And the other is idealism.
        -- RMS

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