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[DotGNU]General Coding Enquiry

From: James Dill
Subject: [DotGNU]General Coding Enquiry
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 22:00:04 -0500

Hi People,

Since I've only ever programmed in a commercial environment, I'm just curious 
if there are any implied/explicit rules/conventions for changing GNU code?

I mainly ask because at the moment I've been pushed Visual Studio .NET and have 
become an addict (no more vi :).  I like using the #region preprocessor for 
creating blocks of code which can be expanded / collapsed.  To properly use 
though would mean reorganising functions into a more logical order then they 
usually are.... I know it's not a big deal really (I'm just a pedantic code 
nazy though :), but I realise it would effect useful CVS diffs...

I guess it depends on the extent of the modifications required where it 
wouldn't matter anyway - but any thoughts to these types of issues?

While we're on the matter... are there any code conventions/naming standards 
which are used at all usually?  I realise it's pretty much an "every convention 
for themself" type of thing usually in opensource... I'm just a strong advocate 
for standards... but...?


PS: On a side note - after just getting pnet up and running this week - friggen 
bloody awesome work people :)  Being able to compile my code on linux, and then 
have it run on XP... well it just brought a tear to my eye !!  Well done :)
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