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Re: [DotGNU]csunit Error on mingw

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]csunit Error on mingw
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 09:34:38 +1000

James Michael DuPont wrote:

> > But I don't like the idea of forking pnet into a Mingw32 branch into
> > a
> > seperate CVS ... That is a potential synchronization nightmare , if I
> >
> > ever saw one ... (and mdupont, it would be good to remember that it
> > took me
> > 5 full months between my first major patch and getting commit access
> > ...).
> What ever your decision is dude, you have to live with it.
> If you force me to do too much work, then I will just put it into my
> cvs. Really I dont want to this.

I had a look at the patch a couple of days ago, and it mostly
seemed ok.  Any patch that makes the code more portable is good.

Some of it was to aclocal.m4 and such, which isn't relevant any more
since I removed that from CVS.  And the lstat/stat thing could be
handled a little better with a check and "HAVE_LSTAT".
"#ifdef __MINGW32__" should be avoided if possible.

But I didn't have a beef with the changes so far.  They seemed
relatively small and innocuous.

> Just think, if you scare me off, you loose a developer. You might not
> like my style, my ideas might scare you. But I am a body, and I have a
> good brain. I am prepared to help.

We just need to take this in small steps.  Big mega-patches always
scare me because it is difficult to understand the implications.
But small one-liners to fix lstat portability or whatnot are very
likely to be applied.

Send me the latest that you have, diff'ed against the live CVS.
And I'll probably apply them now.  The command-line expand thing
is likely to be the only thing that I might find "scary".  Surely
there is some easy way of doing globbing under mingw32?



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