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From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]Jabber
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:02:45 -0500

Hey all, I just want to inform people that Tipic and Mono have formed a
partnership to bring Tipic's client and server solutions to other platforms
via Mono.  This also includes their SDK for server and client solutions.

Gopal and myself feel we can do the same with my small software group doing
Jabber solutions.  I would like to work with the Qt# people to build a GPL
version of a proof-of-concept Jabber client.  Doesn't look like Ximian/Tipic
have much code to prove anything works yet, and I think we can beat them to
the punch.

This will also help to prove acceptance of Portable.NET for actual product
use and will help on the PR front because I can promote on our page, the
jabber page and of course you guys can post on the DotGNU page.  Also we can
have working code running when we do this, unlike Ximian/Tipic.

Take care,

Simon Guindon
Nureality Networks

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