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From: Jason Lee
Subject: [DotGNU]hello!
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 21:50:09 -0500

So I sent out an email the other day saying hi and forgot to sub to the list. Oops. I just wanted to say that I'm really interested in what you guys are doing and would like to start cracking on some code - or however you guys start things. Been looking for a free / os project for quite a while and i like a lot of what i'm seeing with dotgnu.

For the past 6 years I've been doing Java (J2EE for the past 3) web based apps and such. Kinda burned out on Vendor X's app server coupled with the same 'we-would-like-a-enterprise-web-app' stuff. Since the tools for that area are pretty mature now (have been for a while actually), I'm really looking to get back into something at more of a ground level. And especially something that has a lot of potential.

My c# is pretty good and I already downloaded the pnetlib source and got everything to compile and such. I've been looking specifically at the Net namespace. My main dev boxes and are where i could prob contrib the most are Linux and Mac os x 10.2.2 (tibook 1gz! :)

If possible, I'd love to jump into the pnetlib stuff. Look forward to a reply.


- Jason

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