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[DotGNU]Status report from the field

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Status report from the field
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 19:34:35 +0530
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Reporter from the field:
        Today we had a lot of progress in the pnetlib development and 
we're slowly moving towards our Release of 0.5.0 in the coming week.
The weekend warriors have moved from building the compiler to finishing
up ECMA compatibility... So this is not a weekend summary , this is 
just a summing up of life in general...

New Names to mention will be
*) Adam Ballai   -- minddog
*) Aditya Bansod -- ?
*) Ian Fung      -- alias
*) Jason Lee     -- j4s0n (very l33t ;)
*) Jeff Post     -- j_post
*) Michael Moore -- mtmoore
*) Thong Nguyen  -- tum

Who have put their sweat , blood and tears into savannah for me to 
commit ... and that I did ! ... More people like Alan Knowles stand
poised with stuff like php support for TreeCC ...

Rhys Weatherly seems to have tackled all the bugs mdupont threw at him ... 
and  the bugs I threw as well :-) .... I'm having a short low intensity
hacking period with more stress on patching in other people's stuff and
helping them on IRC. Jonathan Springer has worked out the Parsing stuff
and is plodding towards other bugs as well.... 

And Chris Smith has worked out a webservice server for C# (and other 
languages) . This allows you to write ... well see for yourself ... (thanks to minddog & alias).

I wonder if he has put up the sources of the webservice as well ...
The webservice can be condensed to return "Hello "+name;

So here's the stuff .... All internal calls patches will probably need
to be supplied before Wednesday to allow full testing on all platforms.
The packaging will need people from all platforms ... I know the RPMS
and .debs have maintainers .... But it would be great if someone could
build RPMs on his platform (mine is Rh7.2) and put it out ...

I'll probably keeping a single source tarball on for each
project in ... Does anyone object to that ? ...
That will place the sources in all the GNU mirrors of the world and 
dowload from your nearest. Southern Storm and Nfluid are good enough,
but they are slow for people using gentoo to hit all at once ?.

The developers directory will probably be prepared by Ian Fung and 
I'll make sure it gets into . Make it look
cool, Ian :-)

I'll be discussing article assignments to various people who want to
write news items ... I would really appreciate if people helped with
non-English journals and ezines ... (slashdot,gnu-friends,osnews ... 
to your local LUG newsletter ...)

I wonder where the poster project has got to ? ... Would it be Absurd
who was handling it ? ... 

I have 2 full days ahead of to write , design some pages and reply to
emails ... So ask anything you want :-)

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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