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[DotGNU]JScript implementation

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]JScript implementation
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 07:24:12 +1000
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There's been a bit of interest in JScript implementations lately and so it is 
probably time that I revealed this.  Those of you who frequent #dotgnu will 
have seen me mention my "secret project" a couple of times over the last 
couple of weeks.

Here is an initial preview of what I'm working on.  I haven't checked it into 
the pnetlib CVS tree yet because I don't want to mess up the 0.5.0 release 
with such a big chunk of unfinished code.

The Vsa support code, parser, and basic classes (Object and Function) are 
mostly there (lots of TODO's though!), and I should get evaluation in place 
tonight or tomorrow sometime (assuming I don't get a flood of pnet bugs to 
fix in the meantime :-) ).

The API's are designed to be compatible with Microsoft.JScript from the ground 
up.  Because we don't have Reflection.Emit yet, I'm doing a tree-based 
evaluator, using treecc to do the heavy lifting on the nodes and operations.  
It should be relatively trivial to add a "GenerateIL" treecc node operation 
once Relfection.Emit has been implemented (volunteers needed to do Emit!).

I'm also trying to "fix" the API's a little.  Microsoft's implementation gets 
a little wobbly if you try to create more than one JScript engine instance 
per process.  Multiple instances are a must for server code.  So, I've been 
working hard to make ours re-entrant.

The license, as with all components in pnetlib is "GPL plus linking 
exception".  This will allow it to be used to host commercial JScript apps, 
but won't allow the code to be hijacked by proprietry interests.



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