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[DotGNU]File time attributes (was Re: Patches 919 & 920 Add Stubs for Se

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [DotGNU]File time attributes (was Re: Patches 919 & 920 Add Stubs for SetCreationTime and Impl for Directory.Set*Time)
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 14:34:20 -0600
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Aditya P. Bansod wrote:
> Well, using utime I can't write to the ctime in the inode, only
> atime and mtime. I think st_ctime is changed any time the file is
> changed, but looking at the FreeBSD chmod very quickly, I didn't see
> any times being modified (altho I didn't look to hard).
> Looking at sys/stat.h, it doesn't even seem like a 'creation' time
> of sorts if even stored. I thumbed thru what mono did, and it seems
> like they don't attempt to set the created time either.

The glibc manual says that ctime is the "attribute modification time."
The coreutils manual calls it the "inode change time", meaning the
same thing.  *Note (libc)File Times.

    The attribute modification time for the file is set to the current
    time in either case (since changing the time stamps is itself a
    modification of the file attributes).

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