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Re: [DotGNU]Re: A small problem w/ pnet-bin-0.5.0 ...

From: Viktor Ransmayr
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Re: A small problem w/ pnet-bin-0.5.0 ...
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:30:05 +0100
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Hello Gopal,

You wrote:
If memory serves me right, Viktor Ransmayr wrote:

1) Unzipping the archive returned the following
  warning. - See attached log-file.

Ok, you'll have to translate for me .... german ? ...
(hmmm.. pnet had a german translation right ... , I wonder how I'm going to debug those stack traces...)

No german translation of pnet (yet:-) - I was simply using a
localized version of the WinZIP-Utility to setup the pnet-

  Executing .\csunit --version returns an error.
  A quick check revealed that there is also
  a #!-script, which in "pure" windows environment
  doesn't work.

k, shell scripts should be replaced by .bat files ... though
I should say I don't like ...

In any case, thanks for the service of providing windows-
binary. - I look forward to learn more and will hopefully
soon be able to produce a system myself using MinGW.

$ ./configure --disable-cygwin
$ make
$ make DESTDIR=/tmp/package/pnet/ install

under cygwin should do the trick... (in all theory)

A question to the community. - Personally I'm not using
Cygwin + MinGW *but* MinGW + MSYS. ( Specifically
MinGW 2.0.0-3 and MSYS 1.0.8 ) - Any experience ?

Extrahiere ilrun.exe
fehlerhafter CRC 093a5942  (sollte 95b62831 sein)

Is everybody getting CRC errors on those .zip files ? .... (no, I cannot
update them because I don't have access to southern-storm and I don't have

Since I experienced the other problem w/ csunit I wasn't careful enough
and didn't try to re-copy the archive once more. - Now I did and the CRC-error went away. Sorry for the "un-needed alarm".

The problem w/ csunit *did* stay. - Any idea/ consens on how to proceed
w/ this issue in the case of the Win32-Binary-Archive ?

Kind regards,

        Viktor Ransmayr

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