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Re: [DotGNU]Butler = DGEE

From: Ian Fung
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Butler = DGEE
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 13:40:54 -0500

On Friday, January 17, 2003, at 01:06 PM, Peter Minten wrote:

How about this:
Webshell is a shell in the BASH sense, it executes commands from the command line. Webshell is also a user-friendly DotGNU utility. The first Webshell can be integrated into the DGEE I guess, let's call this the Webshell Server. The second Webshell can use the first Webshell (you can translate GUI commands in command line code) and there can be many variants of the second Webshell, so let's call it the Webshell Client. The Webshell Clients don't have direct DGEE access, they must use the Webshell Server.
i've been following the conversation you and chris have been having. just want to make sure this is what you're saying. we had a similar idea. so a DGEE would actually have to be running a Webshell webservice right? and that webservice will let the client interact with other webservices on that server and even start its own webservices on that server. if that is the case, we need to think carefully about security and include it starting from the beginning.

speaking of security what's going on with address@hidden do we have a working auth implementation?



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