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Re: [DotGNU]Jabber.NET

From: Gopal V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Jabber.NET
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:44:40 +0530
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If memory serves me right, Simon Guindon wrote:
> get the excellent Jabber.NET library written by Joe Hildebrand working in
> PNET and it seemed there were quite a bit of people interested, 

I still am !!! ... Async SOAP with Routing and Push services is what I 
want from Jabber :-)

> this myself, but I've tried to build Jabber.NET on PNET and I've compiled a
> list of all the compiler errors, and pasted the line of code to go along
> with it, and my reason that I believe is why this line fails.  

Thanks -- for all the work that might have taken ...

> async socket would be fine.  On the other hand, no threading is going to be
> a major problem.


> would be great to get support for this because Mono currently can only run
> commercial Jabber libraries, and Jabber.NET is under the Jabber Open Source
> License, and totally open source friendly, even more open than GPL.  Ontop
> of all that, it would be a great promotional aspect for dotGNU and PNET.



will get it and try it for myself...

> ./bedrock/util/Tracer.cs:45: invalid type specification
> Code:    private static TraceSwitch s_level = null;
> Reason:  this is trying to use System.Diagnostics.Trace which does not exist
> in pnet, and is not part of ECMA.


> ./bedrock/util/Version.cs:407: no matching method for call
> Code:    if (m.Groups["archive"].Success)
> Reason:  No idea

Regexp ? ... that's in System.dll as well .. I'll look into it in
detail later.

> ./bedrock/net/AsyncSocket.cs:420: invalid operands to binary `!='
> Code:    if ((e.ErrorCode != 10053) &&
> Reason:  No idea

Does pnetlib has SocketException.ErrorCode ?

> Reason:  this is trying to use System.Diagnostics.Trace which does not exist
> in pnet, and is not part of ECMA.

*guk*... does anyone want to stub that out ?.

> ./bedrock/util/Version.cs:378: circularity detected in class definition
> Code:    public class RCSAttribute : SourceVersionAttribute
> Reason:  No idea

I know this bug ... otherwise known as using the [Attribute] inside the 
Attribute class :-)

> ./jabber/server/XdbTracker.cs:179: invalid value supplied to cast
> Code:    }
> Reason:  No idea, compiler bug?

Most likely a messed up line number ... I'll get on top of that.

> ./bedrock/net/AsyncSocket.cs:640: invalid operands to binary `+'
> Code:    Tracer.Trace(TraceLevel.Warning, "Sock errno: " +
> ((SocketException) e).ErrorCode);
> Reason:  No idea, but this line uses Tracer which isn't specified in ECMA
> spec.

SocketException.ErrorCode :-)

> ./bedrock/util/Complex.cs:219: invalid operands to binary `*'
> Code:    return Math.Exp(m_real) * new Complex( Math.Cos(m_imag),
> Math.Sin(m_imag));
> Reason:  No idea

Argument conversion for operator overloading ?.

> ./bedrock/util/GetOptBase.cs:309: called object is not a method or delegate
> Code:    MemberInfo[] mis = t.FindMembers(MemberTypes.All,
>                                           BindingFlags.Public |
> BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Static | BindingFl$
>                                           New
> MemberFilter(AttrMemberFilter),
>                                           typeof(CommandLineAttribute));
> Reason:  No idea

Where is CommandLineAttribute declared ?

> ./bedrock/util/Tracer.cs:54: invalid operands to binary `=='
> Code:    if (s_level == null)
> Reason:  Compiler bug?  This code uses Tracer thats not in the ECMA spec or

unknown types might be changed to an "Int32" type...

> ./jabber/server/XdbTracker.cs:179: incompatible types in assignment: no
> conversion from `null' to `int'
> Code:    }
> Reason:  Compiler bug?

Yeah ... I'll do it again..  hopefully it's the s_level == null choking 
up :-)

> ./jabber/connection/IQTracker.cs:123: no matching method for call to
> `WaitOne(int, bool)'
> Code:    if (!are.WaitOne(millisecondsTimeout, true))
> Reason:  No idea

Missing WaitOne method 
(/me chokes down an Read The Final Message aka RTFM ;-)

> ./jabber/protocol/ElementStream.cs:138: `ThreadPool' is not declared in the
> current scope
> Code:    ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(new WaitCallback(Parse));
> Reason:  No threading in PNET

I'm lost for this bug :-( ... I would like all platform testers to run
./test_thread and report back on the results please ..

> ./jabber/server/JabberService.cs:191: could not coerce constant argument 1
> Code:    [DefaultValue(ComponentType.Accept)]
> Reason:  No idea

Where would I find ComponentType enum/class docs ?

So ending up I think we can get compiling easily with the 
CSCC once these itty-bitty issues are sorted out .. Once threading is
in place, we can make sure Async Sockets work :-)

So could someone go about fixing the System.Diagnostics.Trace class ?.
Actually you could avoid implementing anything there ... after all it's
just "Diagnostics" nothing really functional :-) 

Any volunteers ? ... I think minddog has the rotordocs online on his
box ?. People can refer the public docs there for API reference.

I'll prolly sit down and finish a backlog of bugs someday soon :-)

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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