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Re: [DotGNU]New member

From: minddog
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]New member
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:44:15 -0700
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On Friday 14 February 2003 12:18, Gopal V wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Ben wrote:
> > Hi Everyone.  I've just joined this list.  Seems like you guys are doing
> > a good job... Im going to start looking at the code and hopefully get
> > involved at some point.
> cool .. would that be the libraries ?... (or the compiler/runtime ?).
> > One question, how do database technologies come into something like this?
> These days you can't sell any enterprise API without database access :-)
> > interested in database & xml technologies so this is something I'd like
> > to work on.
> Right now XML is a high priority work ... I think minddog (Adam Ballai)
> would appreciate help in large quantities as well as Simon Guindon from
> who is looking forward to being able to Jabber from dotgnu.
> I think this is your niche if you like XML ...
> > Also, is anyone working on maintaining documentation?
I would gladly appreciate any help to contributing to the implementation of 
System.Xml and other Xml technologies.  We are working on an RDF 
implementation in the DotGNU.Rdf namespace.  There is some other xml work in 
the DotGNU-libs, but I haven't jumped in yet.   System.Xml reads normal xml 
and writes normal xml.  I'm working on character entities, slowly, but i've 
been taken hostage by school +X

> Nope ... because the ECMA stuff is already documented and at
> > What about database API's in the class libraries... Anyone thought how
> > these might be built?

Integrating an Xml query language as an abstract to sql and other query 
languages to most databases might be a start.  Building a translator to 
handle different different databases.

And for something realistic thats needed before the end of the year is some 
actual database libraries for anything above it to work.  Something similar 
in design to php's way of describing database apis is what we need to be in 
place.  I've seen a few database api attempts, but they are all written 
specifically with ms .net and c#.  A port of their software to pnet couldn't 
be much more then implementating those non-existant classes or molding the 
code to ecma-compliancy.  Take a look at the mysql c# libraries on If you'd like to give it a try on maybe some of 
us can be of help.

> Not me :) ... I don't have any idea how ADO works or how ADO.Net is going
> to be implemented. Which makes you a lot more important if you can manage
> that part ... hehe ...
> > One thing from my first experiences.  It would be nice if there was more
> > of a centralised place for dotgnu information.  e.g. If there was one CVS
> > repository, one place to download binaries, docs and source.
> Placing the projects under a single umbrella is unacceptable to most
> project leaders . For example phpgroupware is a member of DotGNU , but
> is developing it's webservice platform quite independently of the
> effort on etc.. We will converge at a future date , this
> seperation also ensures protection of the other projects from situations
> like the latest Patent issue.

We're trying to get a wiki up, but we're one apache config problem away...stay 
tuned ;)

> > Someone suggested a centralised developer list.
> this is that list :-)
> > user as well as a developer, I'd also like to see higher level overviews
> > of how the sub projects fit together.  Just my 2p.
> >
> > Any info appreciated,
> If you could help with writing stuff for this ... I manage the front page
> news for the dotgnu website , entries to the website & FAQ will be
> accepted via me . Let me repeat , coding is not the only contribution
> you can make.
> Tell the list about any problems while building/running/ or testing
> any component of DotGNU. It's prolly the easiest way to get help on
> something :-)
> Gopal
i can't explain anything simple about dotgnu, but it really depends on the 
mood ;)

--minddog( Adam Ballai )

"I try to take it one day at a time, but several of them attack me at once."

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