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Re: [DotGNU]RFC : [Proposals]ILAutoStubber Proposal

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]RFC : [Proposals]ILAutoStubber Proposal
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 18:23:50 +1000
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On Thursday 06 March 2003 05:48 pm, James Michael DuPont wrote:

> If you permit, then I would start by creating a Fleshed out
> specification of the problem, like this :

It's not a question as to whether I will "permit" it or not.  The usual rule 
applies: "just do it".  If it's useful to DotGNU, then we'll find a home for 
it once it is done, or once it starts to show some promise.  The old-style 
"propose first and ask for permission" just doesn't work.

Personally, I think you are trying to do too many things at once.  You should 
pick something simple (e.g. EulerSharp), and get that working.  And then move 
onto slightly more complex things (e.g. Gtk#, MathNet), and so on.

Very few people can keep as much state in their head as I can, and even I can 
get overwhelmed sometimes.  Start small, and work from there.  Keep the grand 
plans for later.  Also, the smaller it is, the more likely it is that I'll 
apply the patch because I can actually understand what is going on.



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