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[DotGNU]The RDF Linking Problem

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]The RDF Linking Problem
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 18:55:03 +0100

Hi folks,

there is one big theoretical problem in the way of the semantic web: the linking
problem (as I call it). An example: say there are a couple of million RDF
servers and you want to find metadata about a book named "Hackers", however the
metadata is stored somewhere on an obscure little server and there are no links
to it. The only way to find it would be to search the complete semantic web. If
enough of those situations would occur the semantic web would get jammed.

The way I see things this situation can be resolved in two ways: enough links
(easiest, but hard to get done) and P2P techiques. P2P mostly boils down to
metadata (for example about where to download copyrighted materials without the
authors permission ;-) so if we copy some of the techinques of existing Free
Software P2P initiatives the linking problem should be solvable.



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