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[DotGNU]Winforms StatusBar on PNET problems

From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]Winforms StatusBar on PNET problems
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 02:22:02 -0400

Hello there, few requests as I implement StatusBar (its almost done! It
works and renders on .NET fine now, and seems to act just like the .NET

One thing I've hit during overriding the WndProc method is that in .NET
its protected and in pnet its public, so my code gives me a "cannot
change access modifier".  Could someone change this please?

Also a small request, could someone please implement these two classes,
I need to subclass them to pass events in my statusbar.  I would do them
myself but I'm not sure whats required.


For now I've just commented these out of my control so it will compile,
I haven't done the firing of events anyways yet as that I believe is the
last thing required.

Ok I've encountered a few more problems as I'm writing this.  For one,
my test case, compiled on .NET is not working in pnet, it complains
about not being able to find a type when running on pnet, but if I
compile the test case in pnet, it runs fine.

Here is the error I get:

address@hidden Debug]# ./Test.exe
unresolved type: System.Windows.Forms.StatusBar/StatusBarPanelCollection
./Test.exe: unresolved external references

Here's the source:

And the source for the test case:

And here is the .NET compiled test case that fails on PNET:

Also some of the drawing methods aren't drawing properly like the
ControlPaint.Draw3DBorder with the SunkenOuter makes it look like a
button, not slightly sunken.

Here is how the control looks in .NET compared to the .NET statusbar:

And here is how it renders on pnet:

So as you can see, it renders like a button so our System.Drawing isn't
up to par to render it yet, but that's ok, I can keep developing on .NET
because I know our System.Drawing will evolve and the StatusBar will be
ready for this.  But the runtime error from the .NET exe is puzzling.
Rhys could you possibly check this out?

Anyways sorry for the info overload but this is all the stuff I
discovered when moving my control from .NET to PNET.  Otherwise things
are working well :)  As you can see from the .NET run sample comparing
the two, it renders quite closely to the MS implementation, just need to
tweak here and there.


Simon Guindon
Nureality Networks

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