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From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]ComboBox
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:59:43 -0400

Ok so I submitted a patch to savannah with what I got so far of the ComboBox.  Basically does all the drawing, dropdown and adds a scrollbar to the dropdown.  One problem I'm having, is the drop down button has code to push when the mouse is down, but if you keep your mouse down, it should stay pressed, until released, but because PopupControl steals the mouse focus, it loses the mouse so it won't get the MouseUp event, and instead gets the MouseLeave event and you never get to see the pressing.
Besides that, I'm a little confused as to what ListControl does because ComboBox has its own ObjectCollection to handle its Items property.  Is ListControl only used for datasource stuff or?
I'm attaching the patch so you can check it out.
Here's a screenshot
Take care,

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