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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.12 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.12 released
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 13:37:58 +1000
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Portable.NET 0.5.12 has been released:

Web Page:

This is mostly a bug fix release, heading up towards 0.6.0, but with
substantial improvements throughout the system.  Particularly Winforms
(many thanks to Neil Cawse).

Please check out the new, improved pnetlib-status pages, and help us
nail the rest of the core classes prior to 0.6.0:

For more information, see the attached NEWS files.  Checksums are attached.



Portable.NET 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)

Runtime engine:

* Start adding a treecc-based marshalling system.
* Use the correct exceptions for missing PInvoke functions.
* Check for exact member matches before inexact ones (Richard Baumann).
* Interface name matching in the reflection code (Richard Baumann).
* Primitive conversions for "initobj" (Gopal V).
* Check in the beginnings of PPC and ia64 unrollers (Rhys, CH Gowri Kumar).
* Internalcall for "MethodInfo.GetBaseDefinition".
* "Assembly.Location" and "AppDomain.GetAssemblies" (Richard Baumann).
* Update generic internalcalls to match latest specification.
* Handle assembly names that end in ".dll" even when not expected to.
* Remove obsolete internalcalls that will be superceded by CAS.
* New internalcalls for "Assembly", "AssemblyName", and "Module".
* Add the "Thread.SpinWait" internalcall.
* Fix a lockup in the bytecode verifier.
* Internalcalls for Unicode case conversion and string comparison.
* Temporarily disable IMT's because of a hash table clash bug.
* New internalcalls for obtaining configuration directories.
* New Internalcall for "FormatterServices" to get serializable members.

Common Compiler Issues:

* Rearrange code generation for "switch" statements to prevent values
  being left on the stack during fall-through situations.
* Convert instances of "SecurityPermissionAttribute" into declarative
  security blobs in program metadata.

C# Compiler:

* Fix a problem where "final virtual" was being used on methods that
  weren't actually interface implementations.
* Report duplicates of "override" methods correctly.

C Compiler:

* Allow typedef names to be used as struct field names.
* Bug in the struct hash algorithm for primitive types.
* Ignore missing libraries when compiling C code.
* Additional error line to clarify "two or more types in declaration".
* Bug with "short int" in type definitions.
* Constant evaluation for conditional expressions.
* Allow "long double" to be used inside non-native structs and unions.
* Rearrange precedence so that "=" is higher than "?:".
* Work around bugs in MacOS X cpp's that cannot handle spaces.
* "GetType" and "GenValue" for compound statements, to support
  statement expressions.

VB Compiler:

* '$' is not a legal identifier character, only a suffix.


* "--resolve-all" option (Gopal V).

Loader and Metadata:

* Add support for gzip'ed PE/COFF binaries.


* Report multiply-defined symbols once for each instance.


* Man page for csant (Gopal V).
* Fix quoting of '&' throughout the documentation tools.
* Improve the quality of difference reports form il2doc and csdocvalil.
* Man page for cssrc2html (Andrew Mitchell, Rhys Weatherley).

Platform Support:

* mb/wc workarounds for MacOS X.
* Support routines for Unicode case conversion.
* Unicode case-sensitive string comparisons.


* Fix carry outs during decimal multiplication.

pnetlib 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)


* TextBox (Mohan Embar, Neil Cawse).
* Fix delivery of key events from Xsharp (Rhys Weatherley).
* StatusBar, ComboBox (Simon Guindon).
* Text layout, font sizes (Neil Cawse).
* Handle client areas properly (Neil Cawse).
* Improvements to the region and clipping code (Neil Cawse).
* Label, TabControl, Menu (Neil Cawse).
* Toolkit support for mouse captures (Rhys Weatherley, Neil Cawse).
* Clipboard, ScrollBar, GroupBox (Cecilio Pardo).
* ButtonBase, ControlPaint, ThemePainter (Richard Baumann).
* RadioButton (Mario Luca Bernardi, Neil Cawse).
* Brush properties for pens (Rhys Weatherley).
* Infrastructure for images (Neil Cawse).
* Debug code for Xsharp event classes (Rhys Weatherley).


* Lots of simple TODO's throughout the code.
* Lots of signature-compatibility improvements.
* Examples and bug fixes for System.Reflection.Emit (Richard Baumann).
* Bug in "ClrType.TrimMembers" (Gopal V).
* Environment.GetFolderPath for Win32 (Yannis Bres).
* Continue serialization and remoting support.
* Fix culture lookup in Resource Manager.
* Remove stubbed tests, because they are confusing.
* Recursive directory creation.
* Conversion classes in System.ComponentModel.
* Stub out XML serialization classes (Richard Baumann).
* Update internalcalls for generic types.
* System.Configuration.Install and ilinstall.
* Bind "I18N-handlers.def" directly to "I18N.dll".
* Many new code pages, especially CJK, Mac, and EBCDIC.
* Rewrite "Path", "MemoryStream" in "System.IO".
* Remove obsolete Platform classes.
* Fully-qualified assembly names.
* HijriCalendar.
* Reading non-string resources.
* ResourceWriter.
* Serialization and de-serialization for many classes.
* Cleanups and missing classes in System.Net.
* Pass all string comparisons through the culture classes.
* Code page information for I18N TextInfo classes.
* Test cases and bug fixes for exception classes in "System".
* System.CodeDom.Compiler.

pnetC 0.5.12 (4 September 2003)

* Stub out mmap-related system calls (Mario D.Santana).
* Implement dirent-style functions (Richard Baumann).
* Implementation of getenv (Mario D. Santana).

ml-pnet 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)

* Add "System.dll" to the dependencies for "System.ServiceProcess".
* Remove "System.Configuration.Install" because pnetlib now has it.

Hash: SHA1

144ee420948233aeae3370b4c62f2832  pnet-0.5.10.tar.gz
9b67a9155a6e4eba6ec456455939dcb9  pnetlib-0.5.10.tar.gz
89802549ebdb904ea1215cc30b03aecc  ml-pnet-0.5.10.tar.gz
31a95c990aa6d8b623b6858abf581159  pnetC-0.5.10.tar.gz
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