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Re: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.12 released

From: Jason Batchelor
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.12 released
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 00:49:06 -0400

Oh darnitall... I hope I actually downloaded the latest from CVS... what time was version 0.5.12 available on cvs?

Jason M. Batchelor
(So far, the compile is going better, thanks to Brandon and all those willing to help!)

On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 11:37 PM, Rhys Weatherley wrote:

Portable.NET 0.5.12 has been released:

Web Page:

This is mostly a bug fix release, heading up towards 0.6.0, but with
substantial improvements throughout the system.  Particularly Winforms
(many thanks to Neil Cawse).

Please check out the new, improved pnetlib-status pages, and help us
nail the rest of the core classes prior to 0.6.0:

For more information, see the attached NEWS files. Checksums are attached.



Portable.NET 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)

Runtime engine:

* Start adding a treecc-based marshalling system.
* Use the correct exceptions for missing PInvoke functions.
* Check for exact member matches before inexact ones (Richard Baumann).
* Interface name matching in the reflection code (Richard Baumann).
* Primitive conversions for "initobj" (Gopal V).
* Check in the beginnings of PPC and ia64 unrollers (Rhys, CH Gowri Kumar).
* Internalcall for "MethodInfo.GetBaseDefinition".
* "Assembly.Location" and "AppDomain.GetAssemblies" (Richard Baumann).
* Update generic internalcalls to match latest specification.
* Handle assembly names that end in ".dll" even when not expected to.
* Remove obsolete internalcalls that will be superceded by CAS.
* New internalcalls for "Assembly", "AssemblyName", and "Module".
* Add the "Thread.SpinWait" internalcall.
* Fix a lockup in the bytecode verifier.
* Internalcalls for Unicode case conversion and string comparison.
* Temporarily disable IMT's because of a hash table clash bug.
* New internalcalls for obtaining configuration directories.
* New Internalcall for "FormatterServices" to get serializable members.

Common Compiler Issues:

* Rearrange code generation for "switch" statements to prevent values
  being left on the stack during fall-through situations.
* Convert instances of "SecurityPermissionAttribute" into declarative
  security blobs in program metadata.

C# Compiler:

* Fix a problem where "final virtual" was being used on methods that
  weren't actually interface implementations.
* Report duplicates of "override" methods correctly.

C Compiler:

* Allow typedef names to be used as struct field names.
* Bug in the struct hash algorithm for primitive types.
* Ignore missing libraries when compiling C code.
* Additional error line to clarify "two or more types in declaration".
* Bug with "short int" in type definitions.
* Constant evaluation for conditional expressions.
* Allow "long double" to be used inside non-native structs and unions.
* Rearrange precedence so that "=" is higher than "?:".
* Work around bugs in MacOS X cpp's that cannot handle spaces.
* "GetType" and "GenValue" for compound statements, to support
  statement expressions.

VB Compiler:

* '$' is not a legal identifier character, only a suffix.


* "--resolve-all" option (Gopal V).

Loader and Metadata:

* Add support for gzip'ed PE/COFF binaries.


* Report multiply-defined symbols once for each instance.


* Man page for csant (Gopal V).
* Fix quoting of '&' throughout the documentation tools.
* Improve the quality of difference reports form il2doc and csdocvalil.
* Man page for cssrc2html (Andrew Mitchell, Rhys Weatherley).

Platform Support:

* mb/wc workarounds for MacOS X.
* Support routines for Unicode case conversion.
* Unicode case-sensitive string comparisons.


* Fix carry outs during decimal multiplication.

pnetlib 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)


* TextBox (Mohan Embar, Neil Cawse).
* Fix delivery of key events from Xsharp (Rhys Weatherley).
* StatusBar, ComboBox (Simon Guindon).
* Text layout, font sizes (Neil Cawse).
* Handle client areas properly (Neil Cawse).
* Improvements to the region and clipping code (Neil Cawse).
* Label, TabControl, Menu (Neil Cawse).
* Toolkit support for mouse captures (Rhys Weatherley, Neil Cawse).
* Clipboard, ScrollBar, GroupBox (Cecilio Pardo).
* ButtonBase, ControlPaint, ThemePainter (Richard Baumann).
* RadioButton (Mario Luca Bernardi, Neil Cawse).
* Brush properties for pens (Rhys Weatherley).
* Infrastructure for images (Neil Cawse).
* Debug code for Xsharp event classes (Rhys Weatherley).


* Lots of simple TODO's throughout the code.
* Lots of signature-compatibility improvements.
* Examples and bug fixes for System.Reflection.Emit (Richard Baumann).
* Bug in "ClrType.TrimMembers" (Gopal V).
* Environment.GetFolderPath for Win32 (Yannis Bres).
* Continue serialization and remoting support.
* Fix culture lookup in Resource Manager.
* Remove stubbed tests, because they are confusing.
* Recursive directory creation.
* Conversion classes in System.ComponentModel.
* Stub out XML serialization classes (Richard Baumann).
* Update internalcalls for generic types.
* System.Configuration.Install and ilinstall.
* Bind "I18N-handlers.def" directly to "I18N.dll".
* Many new code pages, especially CJK, Mac, and EBCDIC.
* Rewrite "Path", "MemoryStream" in "System.IO".
* Remove obsolete Platform classes.
* Fully-qualified assembly names.
* HijriCalendar.
* Reading non-string resources.
* ResourceWriter.
* Serialization and de-serialization for many classes.
* Cleanups and missing classes in System.Net.
* Pass all string comparisons through the culture classes.
* Code page information for I18N TextInfo classes.
* Test cases and bug fixes for exception classes in "System".
* System.CodeDom.Compiler.

pnetC 0.5.12 (4 September 2003)

* Stub out mmap-related system calls (Mario D.Santana).
* Implement dirent-style functions (Richard Baumann).
* Implementation of getenv (Mario D. Santana).

ml-pnet 0.5.12 (6 September 2003)

* Add "System.dll" to the dependencies for "System.ServiceProcess".
* Remove "System.Configuration.Install" because pnetlib now has it.

Hash: SHA1

144ee420948233aeae3370b4c62f2832  pnet-0.5.10.tar.gz
9b67a9155a6e4eba6ec456455939dcb9  pnetlib-0.5.10.tar.gz
89802549ebdb904ea1215cc30b03aecc  ml-pnet-0.5.10.tar.gz
31a95c990aa6d8b623b6858abf581159  pnetC-0.5.10.tar.gz
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