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[DotGNU]Fwd: [WebServicesEdge (Description="Must Attend")]

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Fwd: [WebServicesEdge (Description="Must Attend")]
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:46:15 +1000
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Subject: [WebServicesEdge (Description="Must Attend")]
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:50:28 -0400
From: "Derek Ferguson" <address@hidden>
To: ".NET Developer's Journal" <address@hidden>

Dear Fellow .NET Developer,

How much do you know about creating mobile applications using .NET, either
via the Mobile Internet Controls or the .NET Compact Framework? How about
the SharePoint and BizTalk 2004 Servers or the “Shared Source”
implementation of the .NET Common Language Infrastructure, more commonly
known as Rotor?

And what about competing .NET implementations, such as the Mono Project
and DotGNU? And how about .NET and Java, can you really get them to work
together seamlessly and securely via Web services?

If you want to know more about all of these areas, sign up now for one of
the best .NET education opportunities of the year at Web Services Edge
2003 West, September 30 - October 2, now in its third successful year at
Santa Clara, CA.


The .NET track is bringing its incomparable combination of great content
and famous speakers to Santa Clara.

The program, from Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, will start with the “.NET Toolshed”
presented by Microsoft’s Pacific Northwest Developer Community Champion,
Paul Murphy. After introducing the newest version of Active Server Pages,
ASP.NET, he'll be covering Xcopy deployment; control-based encapsulation;
clean separation of code from HTML; strongly typed, compiled languages;
and event-based page processing.

Running concurrently with the Toolshed, we’ll kick off the .NET track with
Day 1 sessions focused on .NET mobility. Infragistics’ Brad McCabe will
discuss the .NET Compact Framework. Also, the legendary Jon Box, Mobility
Editor for .NET Developer’s Journal, will give a brief overview of
development with Microsoft’s Mobile Internet Controls Runtime.

Day 2 will spotlight the use of .NET in heterogeneous environments. Ted
Neward, a top DevelopMentor instructor, will explain the intricacies of
Microsoft’s Shared Source CLI. Adam Ballai and I will give overviews of
the Portable.NET and Mono open source projects, and Microsoft’s David
White will be explaining how to achieve true Web service interoperability
between J2EE and .NET using IBM’s Web Services Toolkit and Microsoft’s Web
Services Enhancements.

Also on Day 2 is the .NET Keynote Panel Discussion, which I have the honor
of moderating, which will cover topics ranging from SOAP implementations
to cross-platform security and reliability.

Day 3 will showcase the Microsoft technologies commonly known as the .NET
Servers. Microsoft, Eiffel Software, and IDesign will present sessions on
topics ranging from Biztalk and Sharepoint to cross-language and
rich-client design and deployment.

The .NET track is geared directly to .NET developers; all sessions will
appeal primarily to experienced Microsoft developers, but there will be
plenty of take-home for newbies. As editor-in-chief of .NET Developer’s
Journal, I can guarantee you one of the best .NET educational
opportunities of the year at Web Services Edge 2003 West !

.NET Tool Shed
September 30, 2003
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

** .NET Framework Overview
This session will introduce the architecture and technologies within the
.NET Framework, including the Common Language Runtime, ASP.NET, ADO.NET,
as well as XML and SOAP support. Integration with COM and COM+ Services
will be covered, as well as a discussion of the .NET Framework SDK.

** Introduction to ASP.NET with Visual Studio .NET 2003
This session will look at ASP.NET, the next version of ASP. ASP.NET is a
compiled .NET Framework-based environment that allows developers to author
applications in any .NET Framework compatible language, including Visual
Basic, C#, and JScript. ASP.NET improves deployment, scalability,
security, and reliability. ASP.NET also addresses the browser
compatibility issues with the Web Forms technology. The session will
demonstrate how to build Web applications with Web Forms, using Visual


I look forward to seeing you at Web Services Edge 2003 International
Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, at the end of September.

Derek Ferguson,
Editor-in-Chief, .NET Developer’s Journal
.NET Tech Chair  - Web Services Edge 2003 West

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