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Re: [DotGNU]pnet on Windows

From: Jason Batchelor
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]pnet on Windows
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 00:01:53 -0400

As stated once before, I would love to port winforms to Aqua under OS X... I just lack the knowhow. I'm starting to work on getting into Objective-C, as that's the lang-of-choice for OS X... while it might be possible to write the port in Java for Cocoa, I'm not certain how stable or how efficient that would be.

I'm very new to C/C++, though I can pick things up quickly enough with a few tips and nudges in the right directions. I have a lot of experience with Javascript, Actionscript and ASP, and have started to get into C# at work, have dabbled with Perl and PHP, but would most likely need just a couple helping hands to get me under way...

1) Where do you think I should start?
2) Are the libraries that dotGnu is written under in C or C++?
3) Any other Mac-knowledgable people out there willing to take me on as an "apprentice"? :)


Jason M. Batchelor

On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 02:31 AM, Rhys Weatherley wrote:

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 02:45 pm, Gopal V wrote:

I wonder how we can make winforms on w32 work in both
modes . ie use Cygwin's X11 as well as Win32 ?.
How exactly do we decide which drawing API to pick ?.

It wouldn't be terribly difficult to add an environment variable or
command-line option to select a different toolkit. I can do that if people are interested in it. We may need it eventually anyway if someone volunteers to port winforms to the native GUI under MacOS X (Please! Please! :-) ).



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