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[DotGNU] MS standard (pnetlib)

From: Robert Lascelle
Subject: [DotGNU] MS standard (pnetlib)
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 09:48:32 -0700 (PDT)


I'm working now on the System.Drawing namespace.
(Color and ColorTranslator classes).

I made a small test program, and I have 3 different
problem between my implementation of ColorTranslator
and the MS one.

All problem is due to unknown MS standard. I mean,
these namespace and class are not in the ECMA standard
(TR-084) and there is not enough information about
these namespace and class on MSDN.

So, how should i code those part? As MS does (the
result have to be 100% accurate) or as it should
logicaly be?

A logical example:
MS return a Color "#ff2233"
In Internet Explorer (a MS product) if i write
<font color="#f23">1 2 3</font><br>
<font color="#ff2233">1 2 3</font><br>
The first one show a black (or almost black) text.
The second line show a red text.

Should i code blindly using MS spec or should i code
My question is for this particular example, but i know
for sure that i will encounter again this kind of
logical error. 
What is the way you've been using since the start of
the project? 100% compatibility?



PS: Sorry for the length of the message, but i dislike
to change my working code to insert bug in it.

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