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[Pnet-developers] Garbage Collector

From: Marc Haisenko
Subject: [Pnet-developers] Garbage Collector
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 15:03:59 +0100
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Hi folks,
I just noticed that WeakReferences don't work as expected on pnet. I've then 
looked why and traced the root to the Boehm GC which doesn't seem to know 
about weak references. Is that correct ?

IIRC someone noted that a new GC is in the works, what's the state of this ? 
If it'll take some more months for this new GC to finally appear, would it be 
a waste of time to add true WeakReference support to the current GC ? Is it 
at all possible ?


Marc Haisenko
Today is Setting Orange, the 60th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3171

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