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[Pnet-developers] [bugs #11464] cscc chokes on unicode byte mark

From: Carl-Adam Brengesjo
Subject: [Pnet-developers] [bugs #11464] cscc chokes on unicode byte mark
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 06:26:20 +0000
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Update of bugs #11464 (project dotgnu-pnet):

                Severity:             5 - Average => 3 - Ordinary           
                 Summary: Cscc chokes on garbage that mono ignores => cscc
chokes on unicode byte mark


Follow-up Comment #2:


As Microsoft's tools handles the bytemark, it's a bug in pnet if pnet

But to argue against supporting bytemarks (just for the fun of it):

cscc always treats source files as UTF-8 (can also use latin1, if specified),
but it does not support the bytemark used in unicode streams. Why? UTF-8 is
the encoding used by all .NET technologies, unless otherwise specified.

"A conforming implementation of C# shall interpret characters in conformance
with the Unicode Standard[...]." - ECMA-334

And if all the files is treated as UTF-8 by default, there is no need to tell
the compiler that the file is UTF-8.

"A protocol SHOULD forbid use of U+FEFF as a signature for those textual
protocol elements that the protocol mandates to be always UTF-8, the
signature function being totally useless in those cases." - RFC 3629

So if it was the reverse, the sourcefiles being latin1 by default and we'd
have to use a commandline switch (or simlar) to determine the encoding to be
UTF-8, a bytemark would be great. But now that's not the case, and a bytemark
is totally useless, the commandline switch should in any case still override
the bytemark.



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