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Re: [Dr-geo] Introduction

From: Kamalpreet Grewal
Subject: Re: [Dr-geo] Introduction
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 20:01:51 +0530

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 12:42 AM, gagan <address@hidden> wrote:
> Working on which software in Qt ? Its nice that you are keeping a
> track about the new development. It also means you might be familiar
> with the code and have found a few bugs. ;)

It is a CAD like software in its inceptive stage.

I have noticed an issue with arc's implementation. It is just a case
in anti-clockwise direction. [0] shows the issue.

Another bug is the contents of the previous document are replaced with
the drawing done in a new document.
It can be reproduced as:
1. Open a document which will named Document 1.
2. Draw something in Document 1.
3. Click on File menu and then New.
4. Draw in Document 2.
5. Click on Document 1's tab.
The drawing in Document 1 == the drawing in Document 2.

A few enhancements that can be done include:
1. Drawing multiple lines once the Line is selected from the Draw
menu. Currently, for creating a new line, Line has to be selected from
the Draw menu every time.
2. Provision of shortcuts for different actions that can be performed.
3. Icons for entities that have been implemented so far.

> I'd say get a local copy of the New code. Implement ruler, Other
> primitives which are left with respect to GNU Dr. Geo 1 need to be
> implemented too. Make a start, I'll help you out in the way. :)
> Best of Luck!

Okay I will be reporting my status after some implementation.
Thank you.

[0] : http://goo.gl/jNfpzf

Kamalpreet Kaur Grewal
Blog: http://kamalpreetgrewal.com/

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