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Re: [Dr-geo] Introduction

From: Gurjot Singh Bhatti
Subject: Re: [Dr-geo] Introduction
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 21:48:54 +0530

On 16 November 2014 20:01, Kamalpreet Grewal <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Working on which software in Qt ? Its nice that you are keeping a
>> track about the new development. It also means you might be familiar
>> with the code and have found a few bugs. ;)

Welcome Kamalpreet Grewal. :)

> It is a CAD like software in its inceptive stage.
> I have noticed an issue with arc's implementation. It is just a case
> in anti-clockwise direction. [0] shows the issue.

I didn't notice this while I was implementing arc. Good eye.

> Another bug is the contents of the previous document are replaced with
> the drawing done in a new document.
> It can be reproduced as:
> 1. Open a document which will named Document 1.
> 2. Draw something in Document 1.
> 3. Click on File menu and then New.
> 4. Draw in Document 2.
> 5. Click on Document 1's tab.
> The drawing in Document 1 == the drawing in Document 2.

Ah yes. This was the bug that I was looking to solve in GSoC period
but then I got distracted by other pressing issues and this got
I think this bug/issue happens because the same memory is assigned to
every new document.

> A few enhancements that can be done include:
> 1. Drawing multiple lines once the Line is selected from the Draw
> menu. Currently, for creating a new line, Line has to be selected from
> the Draw menu every time.
> 2. Provision of shortcuts for different actions that can be performed.
> 3. Icons for entities that have been implemented so far.

Yeah that is on my todo list as well. But feel free to work on any.
I have many other things in my mind.

@Gagan, is there a place where I can make a todo list to share my ideas?

>> I'd say get a local copy of the New code. Implement ruler, Other
>> primitives which are left with respect to GNU Dr. Geo 1 need to be
>> implemented too. Make a start, I'll help you out in the way. :)
>> Best of Luck!
> Okay I will be reporting my status after some implementation.
> Thank you.

Yeah just like Gagan said, start working and I'll help as well if you
get stuck on any piece of code that I wrote.
You can also contact us on IRC channel #drgeo.

Gurjot Singh Bhatti
Website: http://bhattigurjot.com

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