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Re: [edu-eu] European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab

From: Eleonora Pantò
Subject: Re: [edu-eu] European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 17:13:04 +0100
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I know that there is a big difference and I was a little naive about writing in this list
Libre and Open are the best.. and I am not discussing about this

It's really unclear to me why most of you reacted about the latest part of my comments. and not about the fact that  during our visit in the FLC someone raised  the question of using  non proprietary solutions...

can we  move around  propositve actions, beyond  usual question relating that  free is not gratis?
Here in  Piedmont i there is a regional law 9/2009 about using free software and there is a specific amount of money dedicated to the educational sector (only in Italian
At the moment there are two actions running, as far as I know:

1) an european  tender for developing online courses about educational open source software for schools  
  based on a catalogue of  educationalopen source software
the courses will be available online for every one (italian speaking)

2) a grant of 50,000 eu  for three classrooms from different school degree (primary and secondary)  in the same campus using mobile netwbook with open source software  
The three classes received their notebooks on nov 8th 

Could we try to gather other examples of this kind?

my best regards

Il 11/12/2012 14.55, Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild ha scritto:

On 11 December 2012 08:21, Eleonora Pantò <address@hidden> wrote:
I don't know if it's not proprietary or open but  they showes us that  it
was free for a basic use..
We do not, and should not, care whether something is gratis. We should
care whether something is free as in freedom. The following Stallman's
article might be of interest to you too


Interactivity is a property of the technology, while participation is a property of culture (H. Jenkins)
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