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[eev] Article: "Emacs and eev, or: How to Automate Almost Everything"

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] Article: "Emacs and eev, or: How to Automate Almost Everything"
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:00:25 -0000

Hi people,

I'm writing an article about eev, it's not ready yet, but it has just
crossed the threshold from "too embarassing" to "incomplete but not no
so embarassing anymore"...

It's at <>.

Its abstract may sound a bit megalomaniac,

  Interacting with programs with command-line interfaces always
  involve a bit of line editing, and each CLI program tends to
  implement independently its own minimalistic editing features. We
  show a way of centralizing these editing tasks by making these
  programs receive commands that are prepared, and sent from, Emacs.
  The resulting system is a kind of Emacs- and Emacs Lisp-based
  ``universal scripting language'' in which commands can be sent to
  both external programs and to Emacs itself either in blocks or
  step-by-step under very fine control from the user.

but the "universal scripting language" is just the F9/channels thing
with the "subroutines" implemented by `eevnow-at' - see my posting of
2005apr22, the one with the title "eevnow and eevnow-at (revised)".

Oh, the section about that in the article is the one called "Big
Modular E-scripts", that at present has just the title.

Have fun, cheers,
  Eduardo Ochs

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