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[eev] Re: text with arbitrary text properties (sometimes hyperlink actio

From: David O'Toole
Subject: [eev] Re: text with arbitrary text properties (sometimes hyperlink actions)
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:00:27 -0000
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ooooh! this is cool eduardo. fuller response when I am awake :-)

but while I am asleep, i will say: 

i would like to be able to make it object oriented so that a text
fragment matching a certain description could be said to have a
"class" and suddenly would acquire a set of operations (accessible
variously via keymap, tool-tips, speed-bar, etc) provided that a class
definition was available. the class system could be dead simple. 

it's important that each be able to have some state.

for example: special character that's either light or dark, checks its
number of neighbor cells (configurably)... all code the same but all
states different.

alternatively: i want to make files like the following: 


 <GNU Pic markup goes here while being edited>
 <GNU Pic markup goes here while being edited>
 <GNU Pic markup goes here while being edited>

| <shell command> conver

 <preview image shown here, updated upon save>
 <preview image shown here, updated upon save>
 <preview image shown here, updated upon save>


AND i want it to be embeddable in any file format within the
comments. I'm working on the concepts/code right now, in my growing
not-yet-published wikiverse. 

I am too tired to be typing really. .  . . get me away from emacs!

"Eduardo Ochs" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi people,
> this is to announce a piece of code that is hot from the oven... take
> a look at <>, and
> scroll to the bottom for a screenshot. From the description:
>   Danger! Danger! This is a piece of VERY IMMATURE EXPERIMENTAL
>   SOFTWARE! I'm only including it in the eev package because it has
>   some interesting ideas that I would like to make public and to
>   discuss with some of the people from the mailing list!
>   The main idea, short form: there are several packages for hypertext
>   for emacs around - planner, howm, what else? - and each one of them
>   offers a few kinds of hyperlinks, which implement a limited class of
>   "actions" that are performed when we "follow" these
>   links... actually these packages also implement "lisp://" or
>   "%lisp%" hyperlinks that can hold arbitrary Lisp code, and so links
>   can do anything; but what happens if we try a simpler solution, in
>   which we implement only one kind of hyperlink, whose action is to
>   evaluate a piece of Lisp? Also, what happens if the same process
>   that associates some Lisp code to a region of text can also
>   associate arbitrary text properties? Think on an enriched mode on
>   steroids, with tools for making parts of the text "active"...
> This is actually my second or third reimplementation of that idea... I
> started playing with that because I wanted to write quick reference
> pages for languages and libraries - with lots of hyperlinks - that
> would fit in a single page; but the code was getting so ugly - and it
> didn't seem to be worth the trouble - that I gave up.
> In discussions via IRC with David O'Toole (dto) several new ideas
> popped up: some of the hyperlinks could be just buttons, with actions
> like: controlling audio parameters, playing a new song, or adding it
> to the playlist; inspecting or changing an entry about a book in a
> database, etc... I keep thinking about arranging my CDs and my
> favourite songs from them bidimensionally, like
>     Cure                 Bowie
>       Faith  12345678      Low...
>       Pornog 123456789     HunkyDory...
>       Lullaby orig ext
>                          Eno
>     Dinosaur Jr            By This River
>       YLAOM...             HCTWJ...
>       Bug...               Tiger Mountain...
>       JLH EP (123)
> where, for example, each digit after "Faith" is one track of the
> album, and "Bug..." is a link to another page where each track is
> listed in full.
> Anyway: this is an open-ended message; I'll leave you thiking.
> By the way: I would love to hear your ideas!
>   Happy hacking,
>     Edrx
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Dave O'Toole

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