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Re: [eev] Back into business: eev-template ?

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: [eev] Back into business: eev-template ?
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:30:20 +0200
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Eduardo Ochs <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Xavier!
> Sorry for taking several days to answer - but at least I downloaded
> yasnippet and saw the video and got an idea of what it can do...

So what is your opinion about it ?
I find it interesting but I'd rather want to "concentrate" all my stuff
inside one huge extension instead of several small pieces.

> I do have lots of template-based functions in eev, and I use them all
> the time. They are much more low-level than yasnippet, of course, and
> most of them fall in one of these two kinds:
>   1. The ones that are invoked with meta-uppercase letter; they
>      operate on the current line, like M-T, M-C, and friends. See
>      this - and please run the tests:
>        (find-wrap-intro "All wrapping functions")

These are known to me. I pretty (ab)use of M-T these days (shell,
sqlplus, ...) with eepitch.

>   2. The ones that create temporary buffers with a sexp on top that
>      regenerates the buffer, like the ones in:

I need to have a deep sight into this. I see things I could easily

> I have tons of things to say about them - sorry for the state of the
> docs, btw - but it would be really fantastic for me if we could chat
> by IRC... I have never had any feedback on this part of eev, and I
> guess that I could implement what you need in 10 minutes once I
> understand it better - and that would help me to write docs and
> examples and to clean the code, too.

I would be more than happy to help you in making eev still better :)
This is something I am using everytime and everyday (in conjunction with

> Any chance of continuing this by chat?


> I have a lot of free time this week, and a 20-min brainstorm will
> probably be sufficient if you're busy. I am in this timezone:


We could have a chat by 22:00/23:00 CEST


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