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Re: eepitch with prefixes

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: eepitch with prefixes
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2022 20:46:45 -0300

On Sun, 10 Apr 2022 at 19:23, Tomas Hlavaty <> wrote:
> why is it important that there are no spaces before the bullet?
> is there a good reason?
> if not, why is it important for you that there are no spaces before
> the bullet?
> note, i already provided good reason why spaces before the bullet
> should be allowed (indentation of email threads containing eepitch
> blocks)

Hi Tomas,

In my experience people who need to make eepitch ignore spaces before
red stars often also need to make eepitch ignore a FIXED number of
spaces in the beginning of non-red-star lines, and this fixed number
depends on the context (*).

There are many cases in which people learn A+B much faster than
they would learn B if they skipped A - and we are in a case like that:
eepitch with ignored spaces is B, and configuring eepitch in ~/.emacs
with a block with a setq and a defun that starts with two links in
comments like this,

  ;; See: (find-elisp-intro)
  ;; and: (find-eepitch-intro "3.3. `eepitch-preprocess-line'")

is A.

In this case forcing people to learn A to use B will save them a lot
of time and frustration in the future.

    Eduardo Ochs

(*) Keywords: here-documents, Python scripts.

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