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Re: Emacs can't be built on IBM's AIX.

From: Josh Knight
Subject: Re: Emacs can't be built on IBM's AIX.
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 00 12:36:26 EST

Xref: gerd.segv.de emacs-devel:627

> % uname -a
> AIX aix 3 4 000B665D4C00
> And, with the following patch, at least compilation
> succeeded.

$ uname -a
AIX aixelf 3 4 007559E64C00

With the above mentioned patch, emacs-21.0.90 built without
incident, runs through all the leim stuff and seems, after
an admittedly cursory examination, to run correctly.

I think the key is to make sure that gcc *IS NOT* in your
path when you configure.  There have been problems building
emacs with gcc on AIX, but it seems to build OK with cc (the
IBM product C compiler).  I know Cygnus/Red Hat have done
some work on the AIX gcc in the last year, but I don't
have the latest and greatest, so I recommend using cc
(both configure and make) to get emacs working.


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