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Keywords header line

From: Pavel Janík
Subject: Keywords header line
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 14:07:41 +0200
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we have this paragraph in Elisp reference manual:

| `Keywords'
|      This line lists keywords for the `finder-by-keyword' help command.
|      Please use that command to see a list of the meaningful keywords.
|      This field is important; it's how people will find your package
|      when they're looking for things by topic area.  To separate the
|      keywords, you can use spaces, commas, or both.

If a package has this header line, it got listed in the finder. What if
author does not want this file to be listed there? I'd like to see some
`meta' keyword like `none' which will mean "do not list me in the
finder". Then all files can have this line, other developers will use
Keywords line too. Or is it better to have

;; Keyword:

line in the source files? What do you think?

Some files in current CVS do not have this line, but I have filled almost
every missing Keywords in useful files so they got listed in
finder. I think it would be nice to have all files with this header because
external developers will be inspired to use that too.
Pavel Janík

Hmm, perhaps there's time to fsck.iso9660?
                  -- Pavel Machek in linux-kernel

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