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Re: idea -> internal frames?

From: Kevin A. Burton
Subject: Re: idea -> internal frames?
Date: 24 Oct 2001 17:02:48 -0700
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"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:

> > > I'm not sure whether it justifies `internal frames'.
> > > But I agree that window manipulation could/should be improved.  Another
> > > example was for the EDE (if I remember correctly) where they wanted
> > > to have a small side-window (for speedbar kind of things) and a small
> > > bottom window (for *Compilation* kind of things) and then allow the user
> > > to split/unsplit the main remaining window without trashing those two
> > > other ones.
> > 
> > dedicated windows?
> The important thing was that they shouldn't just be dedicated,
> but you shouldn't be able to accidentally switch to them remove them,
> split them, ...
> > The thing is that I think they should look somewhat
> > different than regular windows... maybe have their own minibuffer?
> Why ?  I share my minibuffer among all my frames, so obviously I don't see the
> benefit of having several minibuffers, but I see it even less if it's within
> the same frame.

Ideally it would be so that each could have a "log channel" (or whatever you
want to call it).

IE the speedbar says things why it is working in the background... ( "I just did
this", "I just did that", etc).  I don't want this information in the parent

> > > Maybe we could try to make the window-hierarchy (inside a frame) more
> > > constraining (i.e. have C-x o only switch within some subset and have
> > > another C-x 7 o to get outside of the set of windows).  I'm not sure I'm
> > > making sense...
> > 
> > It would need to be more flexible.  I wrote the original "PluginHolder"
> > implementation for the jEdit editor.  It has the ability to hold a "plugin"
> > at NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST.  You can also split these locations into
> > multiple frames and store more than one plugin in each section.
> I do not understand how it requires "more flexibility" than what I described.
> More specifically, it seems not really related.  But that's probably because I
> don't really understand what you describe, so could you describe more closely
> what that pluginholder does ?

... well Emacs really doesn't have a concept of a plugin.  Maybe the speedbar or
ECB would be close approximates.

I certainly see your point above.  I re-read what you said and it makes sense.

> We can already split windows to have a small speedbar window on the left side
> or the right side...  The problem as I see it is how to make it easy for the
> user to specify this layout and (more importantly right now) how to make sure
> this layout doesn't get thrashed all the time.

yes.  The ECB people had an impl of something similar.  I think if more time was
spent on it, this code could be used on other projects.  We would need to take
some of the code from the core ECB and create a generic API for doing this 


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