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Re: euro symbol

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: euro symbol
Date: 26 Oct 2001 15:04:02 +0100
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>>>>> "FP" == Francesco Potorti` <address@hidden> writes:

 FP> However, this is a hack.  In fact, I (while working on a linux
 FP> console) use a latin-15 font, which has the euro symbol in place
 FP> of the latin-1 international currency symbol.  I do so because
 FP> Emacs does not have latin-15 input styles.  latin-15 has the same
 FP> valid characters as latin-1, but with some some symbols changed
 FP> to a different meaning.

I don't understand this.  Doesn't searching for `euro' in NEWS find
anything useful?  It used to, but I don't have the released version to

I recommend using the Unicode character U+20AC for euro if you're
mixing it with Latin-1 &c, rather than the Latin-9 character.  (See
handa's mac-roman, for instance.)  If you don't have a Unicode font to
display it, changes on my branch of latin1-disp.el in CVS would allow
you to display it using Latin-9 or an ASCII sequence.

Of course, if you don't want to have the result encoded as utf-8, you
need unification facilities along the lines of ucs-tables.el from my
CVS branch.

 FP> Some characters that in latin-1 (and likeweise in
 FP> latin-15) are unmapped, 

Those code points are simply not for graphic characters.

 FP> are quite common when reading windows-1215.


 FP> I have this in my default.el:

 FP> (progn (or standard-display-table
 FP>            (setq standard-display-table (make-display-table)))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 128 (vector ?ยค))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 133 (vector ?. ?.))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 145 (vector ?`))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 146 (vector ?'))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 147 (vector ?"))
 FP>        (aset standard-display-table 148 (vector ?")))

Such changes to the display table are inappropriate, certainly if you
can display the Unicode characters that windows-1252 puts at those
positions.  Even if you can't, it's better to use the Unicode
characters and frob their display.  I think recent XFree Latin-N fonts
actually have the appropriate glyphs in those positions, in which case
`standard-display-8bit' would be appropriate.

I recommend using the extra coding system support I posted to
gnu-emacs-sources (or from the CVS branch) to support windows-1252 &
al.  [I can't remember whether the distributed Gnus, for instance,
needs fixing to DTRT with it, but if not, I have appropriate changes.]
IMNSHO, it's unfortunate that the (multiply) contributed support for
something as important as windows-1252 was rejected.

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