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Re: menubar tooltip patch

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: menubar tooltip patch
Date: 04 Jan 2002 21:04:20 +0000
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Alex Schroeder <address@hidden> writes:

> Strange, I cannot reproduce this.  I click Files, I move the pointer
> to the first entry, the tooltip appears, I move the pointer right, the
> tooltip stays,

Wouldn't you expect it to disappear when you move the mouse off the
Files menu?

While implementing tooltip support on Windows, I had to fix a bug
similar to that described; the tooltip text changed to the File -> Open
(ie the first menu item in the first menu) tip text whenever you moved
sideways off any menu item with a tooltip.

Since I followed the X code when writing the Windows code, I wouldn't
be surprised if the same bug was there for some toolkits (although I
have never noticed it with Xaw3d myself, or I would have fixed it at
the same time, or at least mentioned it here).

Jason Rumney

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