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Re: Question about copy-region-as-kill

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Question about copy-region-as-kill
Date: 09 Apr 2002 22:24:10 +0900

address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:
> > I think many people may prefer the text-property programming interface
> > anyway.  Anyway, yeah, it does make sense -- consider a form: it's
> > generally thought of as read-only with read/write fields in it.
> I think using read-only property for this is perfectly valid, but still,
> if you copy the form (or part of it) to another buffer, I guess it really
> doesn't make sense to regard it as a form anymore.

I agree that read-only (and mouse-face &c) properties are annoying when
copied, and I'd be quite happy if they never were; I was just arguing
that _conceptually_, they really are `part of the text', not something
independent overlayed on top of it.


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