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Re: init_buffer PWD fix

From: 宮下 尚:HIMI
Subject: Re: init_buffer PWD fix
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 04:41:15 +0900
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Paul Eggert <address@hidden> writes:

> This should happen only if either:
>  A) the user types "cd c:/PROGRA~1"; or
>  B) getcwd returns "c:/PROGRA~1" when sh starts up.
> In case A), the user has indicated a preference for the name "c:/PROGRA~1",
> so that is a better name for Emacs to use.
> In case B), there's no difference between using PWD and using getcwd,
> so there's no problem.

Why are they no problem?  In the example I offered, after doing it, user
type "cd c:/Program Files" during cmd.exe session.  But Emacs set the
default directory to "c:/PROGRA~1".  It must be a problem.

I can imagin lots of similar cases in plausible user operations.
For example, a user may like to invoke explorer.exe to browse a
directory and then invoke emacs.exe by the invoked explorer.exe.
If the user uses a normal pathname on tcsh.exe but uses UNC pathname
to specify the current directory for emacs.exe on explorer.exe, and
those locations are the same.  The user will encounter a problem.

>> The above case is an example to affirm relying on "PWD" by obscure
>> convension is maybe harmful.
> It's not an obscure convention; it's in the POSIX standard.

Also I've already said that in the previous mail.

>> But "PWD" is NOT cared by almost all of the Windows application.
>> On the contrary, Get/SetCurrentDirectory() is always cared.
> This is like Unix.  On Unix, most applications don't use $PWD; they
> use the working directory.  The only applications that set and use
> $PWD are those that care about using a "nice" name for the working
> directory.

I disagree on it.  According to my knowledge, lots of Unix applications
use "PWD".  Almost all of shells set "PWD" properly.  But on Windows, even
the standard shell program, "cmd.exe" dose not set "PWD".

  With regards,

from himi

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