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Re: lisp/ChangeLog coding system

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: lisp/ChangeLog coding system
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 19:05:36 -0400

>     Michael, somehow you recoded lisp/ChangeLog with your latest change
>     from its specified coding system iso-2022-7bit to something else.
> Michael, if you can figure out precisely how this happened, it might
> lead us to a way to make the Mule features more robust.  Many users
> might benefit from that.  So I think it is worth spending some time to
> try to reconstruct how this happened.

I didn't notice any problems.
However, if there were, it is due to the fact that I had to change X
selection coding system to latin-1, because there is a bug in the default
coding system (which used to be compound-text-with-extensions, but I now
see it no longer is) for X selections. (There was a discussion about this a
week ago and Eli traced it to that X selection coding system bug).

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