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Re: lisp/ChangeLog coding system

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: lisp/ChangeLog coding system
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 23:06:18 -0600 (MDT)

    >     Michael, somehow you recoded lisp/ChangeLog with your latest change
    >     from its specified coding system iso-2022-7bit to something else.
    > Michael, if you can figure out precisely how this happened, it might
    > lead us to a way to make the Mule features more robust.  Many users
    > might benefit from that.  So I think it is worth spending some time to
    > try to reconstruct how this happened.

    I didn't notice any problems.

The problem was not one you would have noticed within that session.
The problem was that the file was stored in a different coding system.
It may not have caused inconvenience for you, but it did for others.
So we want to track it down.

Can you please help?

    However, if there were, it is due to the fact that I had to change X
    selection coding system to latin-1, because there is a bug in the default
    coding system (which used to be compound-text-with-extensions, 

I don't think that specifying an X selection coding system should have
had this result unless you copied the whole contents of ChangeLog through
the X server.

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