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Re: & requires l-value

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: & requires l-value
Date: 21 May 2002 21:39:54 +0100
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Ken Raeburn <address@hidden> writes:

> > I guess it could use XCDR_AS_LVALUE instead of XCDR.
> It could, but that would be counterproductive in the long run.
> Undoing my change to LISP_MAKE_RVALUE would make things build again on
> Windows, but if that's done, *please* make it conditionalized for
> Windows, and commented as a temporary workaround until the Windows
> code is fixed.

Surely as a temporary workaround, XCDR_AS_LVALUE would be better than
backing out the LISP_MAKE_RVALUE changes, or am I missing something

It might be a few days before I get time to fix this properly, so if
XCDR_AS_LVALUE is an acceptable temporary solution, could someone
please make that change so Windows users can build again (I won't be
able to make the change until at least tomorrow evening).

Jason Rumney <address@hidden>

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