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Re: NT Emacs make problem..

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: NT Emacs make problem..
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 17:07:15 +0200
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"D. Goel" <address@hidden> writes:

> here's a little draft for INSTALL-CVS :-) 

Looks good, except that IMHO commands should be easier to locate
visually, not embedded in the text, because people don't like to read
text and the only reason for reading the file is to find out the
command to run, not to read the text.

Suggested change below:

> ====================================================
>  -*-text-*- 
>                     Building and Installing Emacs
>                        from the CVS
>   Copyright (c) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
>   See the end of the file for copying permissions.
> The build-instructions for a release and CVS are slightly different. 
> The tarball in an Emacs release usually contains byte-compiled code
> for some of the files.  However, for the files checked out from CVS,
> there are no byte-compiled files. 
> To build emacs from a CVS checkout, follow the instructions as you
> would for the tarball, except that replace the initial 'make' by 'make
 bootstrap', e.g.:

  $ ./configure
  $ make bootstrap
>   Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute verbatim copies
>   of this document as received, in any medium, provided that the
>   copyright notice and permission notice are preserved,
>   and that the distributor grants the recipient permission
>   for further redistribution as permitted by this notice.
>   Permission is granted to distribute modified versions
>   of this document, or of portions of it,
>   under the above conditions, provided also that they
>   carry prominent notices stating who last changed them,
>   and that any new or changed statements about the activities
>   of the Free Software Foundation are approved by the Foundation

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