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Re: Patch to disable links line in *info* buffer

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Patch to disable links line in *info* buffer
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 13:25:35 -0600 (MDT)

    Perhaps it would be a good idea is to create a new *info* header line
    based on the new style that also tells you the file name, and that
    fills nicely to two lines when it is too wide to fit on one line, and
    that can be copied by the usual commands.

The current facilities can't do all of these things.  I wonder--would
it be useful if the header line displayed at the top of a window were
part of the buffer text, rather than a feature like the mode line?  In
other words, one could designate a part of the buffer (at the
beginning) as the header, to be always displayed at the top of the
window regardless of scrolling.  The text starting at the window-start
pointer would appear in the window beneath that header text.

When the buffer is scrolled to the top, there should only be one copy
of the header lines text.  If you move point to the beginning, it
would appear on the first header lines.  In effect, that text would
be displayed as ordinary text display, not as something like the
mode line.

With this feature, we could do all the things that you are asking for
here.  It might be a better feature for other purposes than the
existing header-line feature.

However, in one respect it would not be better than the method we used
a week ago: it would always use a screen line for the header line.
If we want to save more screen space for the text, this will not do so.
For that we would have to eliminate the header line entirely.

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