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Re: Patch to disable links line in *info* buffer

From: Alex Schroeder
Subject: Re: Patch to disable links line in *info* buffer
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 23:36:40 +0200
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Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

> (2) The header-line contains only the `Next:', `Prev:' and `Up:' tags
>     (to save space) whereas the the in-file nodes-line contains `File:'
>     and `Node:' tags as well.
>     If the general point of copying is to identify the current node, we
>     could keep the `Next:' &c tags in the header-line, and put _only_ the
>     `File:' and `Node:' tags in the (displayed) buffer -- that way, there
>     wouldn't be any redundancy, and the string that people most commonly
>     might want to copy is available in the buffer for copying.

I like it.


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