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Re: Lowercase text after full stop on describe-variable

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Lowercase text after full stop on describe-variable
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:27:14 +0200

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:24:01 -0400, "Stefan Monnier" 
<monnier+gnu/address@hidden> wrote:

> Why not change the describe-* functions to also use a semi-colon ?

Because I'm deeply idiot, that's why. :(

I've followed your suggestion, which really simplifies things.

I've had to normalize a few obsolescence declarations, and in two or
three cases I've taken the liberty of removing redundant obsolescence
info from docstrings when the same or equivalent info is already in the
`make-obsolete*' declaration; now that the info is also shown it makes
no sense to say the same thing twice in a row.

Anyway, I'd be grateful if a native English- or Emacs- speaker checks
the changes I've done :)

I haven't touched the docstring of `font-lock-defaults-alist' because I
find it confusing:

> font-lock-defaults-alist's value is shown below.
> Documentation:
> This variable is obsolete; 
> use `font-lock-defaults' instead.
> Alist of fall-back Font Lock defaults for major modes.
> This variable should not be used any more.
> Set the buffer-local `font-lock-keywords' in the major mode instead.
> [...]

The `make-obsolete-variable' declaration says to use `font-lock-defaults',
and the docstring says to use `font-lock-keywords'. Perhaps the
docstring should be reworked somehow (and the bit about "should not be
used anymore" removed, I suppose).

Only vaguely related: with the recent font-lock hoopla `Info-fontify'
has been deleted. Wouldn't have been more logical to
`make-obsolete-variable' it?


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