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ispell misalignment error

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: ispell misalignment error
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 18:10:11 +0100

There is an entry in etc/PROBLEMS relating to the ispell "misalignment"
error that can occur when running ispell from within Emacs. I seem to have
found another cause of this error message, not amongst those listed in
PROBLEMS. I guess at the very least, something should be added to PROBLEMS
mentioning this as another possible cause of the "ispell misalignment"
error? Assuming it's reproducible and not easily fixed, of course...

Relevant info:

aspell -v
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Aspell .33.7.1 alpha)

Bug occurs with Emacs compiled from CVS trunk and RC branch, as well as

i) Create a file foo.tex containing the following:

deliberate miiistake

ii) Execute the shell command `aspell dump config > ~/.aspell.conf'

On my system (RedHat 7.3), part of the output of that command looks like
the following (should be a long unbroken line). The leading "#" means
aspell should ignore this line anyway. You can cut the ~/.aspell.conf file
down just to this and the Emacs error is still present.

# add|rem-tex-command descrip: TeX commands
# tex-command default: addtocounter pp,addtolength pp,alpha p,arabic p,fnsymbol 
p,roman p,stepcounter p,setcounter pp,usecounter p,value p,newcounter 
po,refstepcounter p,label p,pageref p,ref p,newcommand poOP,renewcommand 
poOP,newenvironment poOPP,renewenvironment poOPP,newtheorem poPo,newfont 
pp,documentclass op,usepackage op,begin po,end p,setlength pp,addtolength 
pp,settowidth pp,settodepth pp,settoheight pp,enlargethispage p,hyphenation 
p,pagenumbering p,pagestyle p,addvspace p,framebox ooP,hspace p,vspace 
p,makebox ooP,parbox ooopP,raisebox pooP,rule opp,sbox pO,savebox pooP,usebox 
p,include p,includeonly p,input p,addcontentsline ppP,addtocontents 
pP,fontencoding p,fontfamily p,fontseries p,fontshape p,fontsize pp,usefont 
pppp,documentstyle op,cite p,nocite p,psfig p,selectlanguage p,includegraphics 
op,bibitem op,geometry p,

iii) Try both `aspell -c foo.tex' and `ispell foo.tex' from the command
line. Both work fine.

iv) emacs -q --no-site-file foo.tex, M-x ispell-buffer. 
An error is produced:

    Ispell misalignment: word `phenation' point 78; probably incompatible

The string `phenation' is nowhere to be found in the buffer being spell-
checked, of course, but is in ~/.aspell.conf.

v) The error is not produced if one removes ~/.aspell.conf and either
restarts Emacs or does `ispell-kill-ispell', followed by `ispell-buffer'

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