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Re: gamegrid.el and some games

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: gamegrid.el and some games
Date: 13 Sep 2002 19:32:52 +0200
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   >    (featurep 'xpm) => nil
   It is an XEmacs thing. To test for XPM in Emacs you can use. 
   (image-type-available-p 'xpm)

Ok, thank you.
   I don't know if it is depreciated to use this function, though. It is
   not even mentioned in the Elisp Reference of Emacs 21.2.

Probably the manual should be improved.
   I have send a patch some time ago, which enables XPM (and PBM) for
   gamegrid. (BTW what happend to this patch?) 

Would you send it to me?  I was just trying to do that.
   I guess gamegrid is mainly supposed to provide simple grids,
   i.e. colored squares. 

Yes, after some study I arrived to the same conclusion, so I further
reduced my patch to pong.el, tetris.el, snake.el before installing it.

                         The option to use characters is -- I guess --
   intended only as a fallback on ttys without color. OTOH: it allows to
   utilize arbitrary XPM images 

Yes, for example pong could use a real ball.  But that comes after
changing gamegrid.el to work with glyphs in Emacs.

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